Caroline's Prom

I attended the Ridgewood High School prom with my then high school sweetheart Chris Farrell, back in the spring of 2002. Chris was a great date, but he doesn’t hold a candle to my fiancé Jeff!

I was fairly embarrassed that my parents took these photos when Chris came to my house and gave me a pink primrose flower corsage…. But today I’m glad they took them so I can look back on that day.

My mom still has that flower corsage hanging out in our house all these years later. At the time I thought my prom dress was the greatest…. and today I’d still wear it all over again! I felt like Gwyenth Paltrow at the Oscars circa 1999, in this dress. But instead of a 40-carat diamond necklace, I paired this dress with a crystal necklace that was my great-grandmothers.

You can’t see them here but I wore some high silver heels that were more fashionable, than functional and I ended up taking them off half way through the dance party. My pink shawl I had made, my mom picked out the fabric to compliment the color of the dress. A close family friend did my hair, and I did my own make-up, with some touch ups by friends.

I cherished every moment of prom, from pre-prom get togethers, to a yummy dinner and a great D.J. With 400+ people at the prom it is still one of the largest parties I’ve ever been to, and I wish I could go back! I danced every song from the very first to the very last. A group of close friends closed out the night together in a limo ride and then we spent the weekend at “the Jersey Shore” … way before the show Jersey Shore was ever on air.

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