Don Shipman


Don's Prom


It's hard to believe it's been more than 13 years since my prom. I attended Mount Markham High School in West Winfield.

My date was Tamara Zoller. We were high school sweethearts. Our school allowed both juniors and seniors to attend the prom, but because Tamara was a grade below me, I only went my senior year.

It's been awhile, but from what I remember, we had a great time! The prom itself was held at a banquet hall in New Hartford. We did the normal prom stuff, eat, drink (soda), dance, etc.

I think I had more fun the day after. My friends and I managed to turn the prom into a two-day event. The following day we spent at a friend's summer home in the Adirondacks. A full day on a boat on the lake. It was awesome! A perfect end to prom weekend.

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