Jill's Prom

Ever since I was little, I always looked forward to my Junior Prom (we had a Senior Ball as well). My mom and I went to the Grand March at the high school year after to year to watch the students walk across the gynmasium and show off their dresses and tuxedos.

Growing up with 3 brothers, I never was a girly girl but deep down inside, I have always dreamed about my prom. Picking out my prom date was easy, I was dating my first boyfriend, Jim.

It was picking out the dress that took some time. I found my perfect dress in Syracuse at Cache. I am one who always looks outside the box, for the unique, bright outfits (lime green is my favorite color), so when I spotted this dress, I had to have it.

There was only one problem, it was 10 sizes too big. My mom and I still purchased the dress and our seamstress worked her magic!

On prom day, I was so excited to get my hair done by my aunt who has been doing my hair since I was little (she still does it) and to get fake nails for the first time.

The only thing dampering my spirits was this little thing called the flu. Only I would get the flu on prom day. That wasnt going to stop me from having the time of my life.

While I dont remember the theme (something with stars?) or a special song, I do remember having the best time with my best friends. As for the after party, lets just say the flu won.

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