Kristen Copeland


Kristen's Prom


It's been 11 years since my junior prom and I can still remember the drama of finding the perfect gown. My mother and I went shop to shop looking for something "different". My dress, from Donna Marie's, was royal blue and beaded head to toe.

I loved it so much that I went back to the same shop, 10 years later, to buy my wedding gown. (Thanks Donna!)

My friend John Danella was my date. You may know him from Danella Photographic on Seneca Turnpike. John and I went to New Hartford High School together. He asked me in Mr. Brady's chemistry class....ahhh memories.

Going to prom was such a big deal. I grew up watching older friends and cousins in their grand marches and couldn't wait for my turn. Of course, I always had a fear that I would have a big softball game during the time I was supposed to be getting my hair and nails done.

My prom was at the Radisson (coincidentally, the same place as my wedding). The theme for the junior prom was "Hold on to the Night", by Richard Marx. Music that was popular at the time of our big dance....."The Thong Song" and "Who Let the Dogs Out". Classy generation.

Enjoy the pictures, have a laugh. We didn't have Facebook or digital cameras at the time -- so this is all you get.

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