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Megan's Prom


My high school proms had very little glitz and glam to them. Our school combined the junior/senior prom. We didn't have prom kings or queens.

You simply bought an over-priced dress, you made dinner reservations for 20+ people, and you danced the night away.

My prom date junior and senior year was my boyfriend Zack. We dated through high school. It was always nice to know I had a guaranteed date to the dance both years.

I was never one to get all dolled up, but it was fun to do it for one night. I had my hair and make-up done, I wore a pale green dress, and fabulous jewelry.

But the best part was seeing Zack dressed to the nines. He even rented a vest to match the green color of my dress. We went out to dinner with friends, then headed to the hotel for the dance.

Now I am happy to call my high school sweetheart my husband. We tied the knot in October of 2009. And just like prom, I knew I was guaranteed a date to this event. We tore up the dance floor with our friends and danced the night away. Some things never change.

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