Pat's Prom


Here is what I can remember about my prom: My first prom, because at Little Falls you're allowed to go as many as four times, if you're asked as a sophomore and you can actually go again a year after you graduate if you're asked. In my case I went three times, but my first was the best. And I think that is because it was my first.

I remember taking pictures in the park behind my house, with my friends, and at that point it was beautiful, 85 and sunny. My dad, who to this day still watches over me, worked out a deal with the limo driver where if we fun loving kids did anything wrong within the confines of the limo, the driver would contact him. Needless to say it was a boring ride, minus the at the time "cool" dvd player in the back.

All in all it was a good time, but from what I can remember it went by too quick.

So if it's your first take in every moment, or else it will be gone.

P.S. - The only reason I'm wearing a white tux, is because I couldn't find a Pepsi blue one.

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