Steve McMurray's Prom


Steve's Prom


Yes, that's me some 20 years ago ready for my Senior Prom. (Yes, I actually had a lot of hair at one time, none of which was gray.)

My date was a good friend of mine, Christine Putnam. We had known each other since kindergarten; she had a great sense of humor and I knew we would have a good time together. We paired up with another couple and headed to Valley View (now Daniele's) on the Parkway, and had an absolute ball.

After several hours at the prom, the fun continued at another friend's house with a pool party that continued until the early morning hours. The next day, most of us made the traditional post-prom trip to Glimmerglass State Park just outside Cooperstown. I don't think I slept much that weekend, but I didn't mind. It was an experience I'll not soon forget.

So for those of you whose prom has passed, I hope you had a great time. For those of you whose prom is still to come, have fun and stay safe.

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