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Bagg's Square Association hands out annual awards

Bagg's Square hands out awards at annual meeting

Posted: Feb. 6, 2018 11:08 PM
Updated: Feb. 6, 2018 11:08 PM

UTICA, NY – And the winner is… the City of Utica.

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The Bagg’s Square Association met Tuesday evening for their annual meeting and to hand out the 4th annual Bagg’s Square Awards.

Bagg’s Square business owners, local politicians, and others gathered at the Children’s Museum to discuss how things went for them this past year and to learn what lies ahead for the district in 2018.

They were also there to announce the recipients of the 4th annual Bagg’s Square Awards.

Bagg’s Square Association president Beth Irons says the awards celebrate the people and businesses that have shaped the neighborhood in the past, are currently advocating and moving it forward, and are raising awareness of the Bagg’s Square neighborhood.

“Bagg’s Square was the first established neighborhood of the city of Utica. The city was actually kind of born out of the Bagg’s Square area and there are a lot of things that remain here from its origin. It’s very important as we help local elected officials and individual business owners grow new businesses and create new opportunity in the neighborhood, that we give respect to what happened here before.”

This year’s winners are:

Joe Bottini – The Legacy Award
Beth Irons – The Neighborhood Advocate Award
Kids Oneida – The Business of the Year.

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