24th Congress

24th Congressional Race

Raymond Meier

Republican & Conservative Candidate
Michael Arcuri

Democratic, Independence & Working Families Candidate
Hometown: Western
Current Occupation: 
NY State Senator

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Hometown: New Hartford
Current Occupation: 
Oneida County District Attorney

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Decision 2006

Arcuri Victory Speech

Click on the video icon to watch Mike Arcuri's victory speech.... Read More »

Ray Meier's Concession Speech

Click on the video icon to watch Ray Meier concede defeat to Mike Arcuri for Congress.... Read More »

Clinton Campaigns for Michael Arcuri

Former President Bill Clinton made a stop in Cental New York to gather last minute support for congressional candidate Michael Arcuri.  A NEWSChannel 2 was rolling as Clinton delivered his... Read More »

Governor Pataki in Rome to Rally Support for Ray Meier

Governor Pataki made a stop in Rome this afternoon to rally last minute support for Republican congressional candidate Ray Meier.  Click on the video icon to watch our 6 p.m. report.... Read More »

Republican Candidate for Congress Ray Meier Talks with NEWSChannel 2

On Thursday, Republican Candidate for the 24th Congressional District, Ray Meier, talked with NEWSChannel 2 on several important issues facing the district, including the war in Iraq and the proposed power line project. Click on the video icon to watch the entire segment. Read More »

Democratic Candidate for Congress Mike Arcuri Talks with NEWSChannel 2

On Wednesday, Democratic Congressional candidate Mike Arcuri stopped by the NEWSChannel 2 studio to discuss issues facing people in the 24th district, including the taxes and Social Security. Click the video icon for the full interview. Read More »

Michael Arcuri - Ray Meier

Money and Its Influence on the 24th Congressional Race

State Senator and Congressional Candidate Ray Meier today announced one million dollars in state money for the Stanley Theater in Utica. Thursday, Meier announced half a million dollars for Hamilton College's Access Program and last week, Meier joined other state leaders to announce the possibility of 240 jobs when a state data center locates at SUNYIT in Marcy in four to five years. Meier has been working on many of these and other projects for months. But is the timing of them--within two weeks of the election--amount to using sort of an incumbent advantage? ***CLICK ON THE VIDEO ICON FOUR JOLEEN FERRIS' 6 PM REPORT*** Read More »

Michael Arcuri - Ray Meier

24 Congressional Candidates Debate in Front of Area Students

A congressional debate, almost entirely organized by students, will take place at New Hartford High School tonight. The debate's format will be similar to those you've seen before but with one exception. The questions were written by students. ***CLICK ON THE VIDEO ICON FOR OUR 6 PM REPORT*** Read More »

24 Congressional Candidates Discuss Child Advocacy Services

Democratic candidate for Congress Mike Arcuri held a small news conference to tout his current public service to the success of Utica's Child Advocacy Center. Also on hand: Oneida County Sheriff Candidate Dan LaBella and the founder of the National Child Advocacy Center, Alabama Congressman Bud Cramer. ***CLICK ON THE VIDEO ICON FOR ANDY JENKS' NOON REPORT*** Read More »

New National Republican Committee Ad Claims Arcuri Charged Taxpayers for Sex Line Call; WKTV and Others Elect Not to Run the Ad

A new attack ad from the National Republican Congressional Committee against Democrat Michael Arcuri was supposed to start airing tonight on television stations across the 24th Congressional District. However six television stations, including WKTV, have elected not to run the commercial. The ad claims a phone call to an adult hot-line appeared on a hotel room bill for Democrat Michael Arcuri while he attended the 2004 New York State District Attorney's Association conference in New York City. Read More »

Michael Arcuri - Ray Meier

Arcuri & Meier Talk About the Campaign's Personal Toll

On Wednesday, candidates for congress, Mike Arcuri and Ray Meier, spent an hour with Bingo players at the Whitestown Senior Center, talking about life as a congressional candidate. With hours on the road and countless assaults on character, each candidate admits there's a personal toll most people cannot see. ***CLICK ON THE VIDEO ICON FOR OUR 6 PM REPORT*** Read More »

Michael Arcuri - Ray Meier

Voters Talking About a Number of Issues in Race for Congress

In an effort to provide more detail information about the race in the 24th Congressional District, NEWSChannel 2 is partnering with the student run organization Citrus TV at Syracuse University. The reporters and crews for Citrus TV will be reporting on issues impacting voters in the western part of the 24th Congressional District. Read More »

Michael Arcuri - Ray Meier

Arcuri - Meier Debate in Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) - During a debate in Syracuse, candidates for the 24th congressional race say they aren't happy out-of-town influences are running negative campaign ads. D.A. Michael Arcuri... Read More »

President Clinton's Fundraiser for Michale Arcuri Postponed

Former President Bill Clinton's fundraiser for fellow Democrat Michael Arcuri has been pushed back. Read More »

Michael Arcuri - Ray Meier

The Unseen Debate

During Wednesday's congressional debate, a disruption from an audience member forced a commercial break. The man was yelling about an alleged incident involving his son being stabbed at Donovan Middle School, in Utica. NEWSChannel 2 did contact Superintendent of Utica Schools Marilyn Skermont for a comment. CLICK HERE to view the incident CLICK HER for our Congressional debate coverage- broken down by all 21 questions Read More »

Meier-U.S. Commerce Secretary Hosting Event This Morning in Auburn (Added at 8:00 am)

Congressional candidate Raymond Meier and U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez will appear together this morning in Auburn. The two will speak at The Holiday Inn at 9:00 am. Read More »

Michael Arcuri - Ray Meier

Meier-Arcuri Congressional Debate

For 90 minutes, the two congressional candidates for the 24th congressional seat, Michael Arcuri and Ray Meier, squared off in a live televised debate, here on NEWSChannel 2. Several topics, including the war in Iraq, stem cell research, and the state of the agricultural industry, were tackled. Click inside the story for the entire speech, broken up by all 21 questions.  Video  CLICK HERE for opening Remarks  Video  CLICK HERE for closing Remarks   CLICK HERE to visit the Decision 2006 Front Page CLICK HERE for 24th Congressional Coverage CLICK HERE to enter the Decision 2006 Forum   Read More »

Bill Clinton to Stump For Arcuri (Updated 6:05 pm)

The parade of political luminaries to campaign on behalf of local candidates will continue next week with a former United States President leading the way. Former President Bill Clinton will be the guest speaker at a fund raising reception for Democratic Congressional Candidate Michael Arcuri. The reception will be held at the Manhattan home of a New York City businessman with whom Arcuri, the current Oneida County District Attorney, attended law school. Political analysts say the fact that both national parties are still pouring money, time and effort into this race says a lot about it. ***CLICK ON THE VIDEO ICON FOR JOLEEN FERRIS' 6 PM REPORT*** Read More »

Arcuri Talking to Utica College Students about Fiscal Responsibility (Added 12:55 pm)

The campaign trail lead to a local college campus today for the Democratic Congressional Candidate Michael Arcuri and a high-ranking democrat. Arcuri brought House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer to Utica College today to talk about fiscal responsibility. U.C. students surrounded the two as they spoke. Hoyer expressed concern that, because of the national debt, when our children and their children become adults, government won't have the money to deal with major issues like education, world conflict, and cancer research. Read More »

Arcuri Comments on North Korea's Nuclear Testing

Democratic candidate for congress Michael Arcuri has released a statement regarding North Korea's nuclear program. Click inside the story to read the full news release. Read More »

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