Sean Arnold


Sean Arnold

By Cindy McNicholl

Sean is joining the GTD team in order to help him adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

After turning 40 in September, Sean stated that he had been making excuses of taking care of his family and career for not taking the time to take care of himself.

Since then, he has made the choice to better himself and has made a pact with friends to get fit.

He is now very committed to training for, and running in the Boilermaker this year and is going to use his time on the GTD team to enlarge his support group and further his determination towards completing his goals.

A current employee of BPAS, Sean is backed by his family; Wife, Tammy, 38, and their children, Sean, 11, and Makayla, 9, as well as a 2-year old foster child whom they care for.

Sean is a graduate of Westmoreland High School, and SUNY-IT, and loves to eat Chicken Riggies.

He also loves traveling with his family, but said that it is always great to come back home afterwards.

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