Jamie Robinson


Jamie Robinson

By Cindy McNicholl

Jamie is participating in the GTD distance team and Boilermaker Road Race one year after his son, Jason, became the youngest to ever compete in the wheelchair race (also as a member of GTD).

Jamie stated that last year, he bet his son that if he finished the Boilermaker, he would run it this year, and Jason held up his end of the bargain.

He cites his son as his inspiration and role model for having the determination to compete and push through his obstacles, even after going through multiple surgeries.

He also lost his own father 10 years ago to a stroke, and July will mark that 10-year anniversary of his father's passing. To honor him, he wanted to take on the challenge of the Boilermaker, as well.

After being around the GTD team and the atmosphere of support that his son went through last year, he is aiming to experience that same level of support as he attempts to get back into shape.

He currently works at Herkimer College, and graduated from Proctor High School.

He is supported by his wife, Erin, and their children, Ashley, 16, Jason, 11, Arianna, 8, Madison, 3, and Garret, 1.

Jamie's favorite food is chicken, and he loves to play sports and watch his kids play sports as well.

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