Olivia & Kelly Deck

By Cindy McNicholl

Olivia and Kelly Deck will be participating in this year's GTD program as a mother-daughter team.

Both Olivia and Kelly applied for GTD without realizing the other had done so as well.

After failing to get a bib to this year's race, Kelly stated that she wouldn't get the chance to run the Boilermaker again. Olivia stated that her mother is not only a parent to her, but also her best friend, and since she did get a bib, stated that nothing would mean as much to her than being able to share the experience with her mother.

Olivia currently works at Recovery Sports Bar and the Creekside Cafe, and she graduated from New Hartford and is currently attending Utica College.

She loves to eat at Symeon's, as well as, playing golf and coaching volleyball.

Kelly currently works at the Olde Wicker Mill in the New Hartford Shopping Center, and graduated from New Hartford High School and MVCC.

Her favorite food is Italian food, and she also likes to golf, and walk their dog, Charlie.

They are both supported by Mike, Kelly's husband/Olivia's father, and Mikelle, Kelly's daughter/Olivia's sister.

They will both complete their first Boilermaker Road Race, this year, together.

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