Keila Bowens


Keila Bowens

By Cindy McNicholl

Keila "Keke" Bowens, a New York State Parole Officer is looking to run the Boilermaker for the first time this year.

She attempted to train for the Race in 2000, however, after losing her mother to a 10-year battle with Cancer in May of that year, found it difficult to continue her training routine.

Keila has since tried to reach her goal of participating in the event, however, after reminding her of her mother's struggle has been unable to complete the training.

This year, Keila hopes that joining the GTD team will give her a positive group and team mentality that can support her on her quest to accomplish something she has waited years to do.

She currently provides support for her father, John Bowens, who entertains people at Valley View Golf Course (which is part of the Boilermaker race course) with Karaoke as JB and the Crew.

Keila is also a graduate of Notre Dame High School, and Roberts Wesleyan College, and is being backed by her boyfriend Hiram Rios, her son, Jaquan Phillips, and her daughters, Ria Phillips and Rianne Rios.

Her favorite food to eat is steak, and she loves to visit local restaurants while gathering with friends and family to enjoy the local atmosphere.

After seeing how supportive that the area has been for the runners year in and year out, she is excited to finally be a part of the race that she has watched for so long.

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