Cora Hauck

By Cindy McNicholl

Cora moved to the Utica eight years ago, and believes that in order to be considered a true "local" Utican, the Boilermaker is a requirement as a right of passage.

The Boilermaker will take place shortly after her 50th birthday, and so she has made it her goal to have her birthday become a milestone event in her life.

She joined the GTD team to make new friends, become more attached to the community that she has grown to love, and train for what will be a special event for her.

A Medical Practice Manager, she is supported by her loving family; Husband, Sgt. Michael Hauck from the Utica Police Department, and their children, Clay Jacobs, 25, Morgan Jacobs, 23, Cody Jacobs, 22, Adam Hauck, 20, Jacqueline Hauck, 19, and granddaughter Zoey Jacobs, 2.

She likes to eat sushi, Golf in the warm weather, and go antiquing around Central New York.

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