Sarah McMyler

By Cindy McNicholl

Sarah returned to the Utica area following a tour of military service in Okinawa, Japan.

Upon returning home, she aspired to make positive changes in her life and wanted to get her college degree.

She is currently attending Utica College, and will be graduating in May with a Bachelor's Degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, with a concentration in Forensics.

After she graduates, her next goal is to participate in her first Boilermaker Road Race, which is why she decided to become a part of the GTD team - to train with other first time runners.

A resident of New York Mills, she has remained local her entire life, attending Oriskany and Proctor in high school, as well as, MVCC and Utica College for her higher education.

Her favorite food is pizza, and she enjoys the great outdoors such as walking trails, and going to parks with her 5-year-old daugher, Nevaeh Kimble.

After watching her father complete the Boilermaker when she was younger, she hopes to carry on his tradition and eventually pass it on down to Nevaeh in the future.

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