Dana Dornburgh

Dana Dornburgh is our first featured runner of the 2013 Go The Distance team.

In her application letter, Dana said, "I of course begin yelling like a maniac when my daughter's pony tail appeared and when her long legs helped her stride across the finish line. I am in my own zone, part awe, part jealousy."

2013 is the year that jealousy is put to an end.

Dana said, "Every year, something in my life has come up, with my job or kids or family. I've never pushed myself to take it all the way."

Dana is a guidance counselor at Holland Patent Central Schools. Along with her husband Brian, they have three children: Miranda (age 15), Anna (age 11) and Ava (age 7).

She also spends her time doing what she enjoys:kayaking, hiking, skiing and enjoying life in Central New York. Now she can add running to her list.

"I think all the people here know what they're doing. In the three years I've failed on my own, not knowing what I'm doing. This seems to be a group of people that is successful. I think that atmosphere of having people around me that a) cheer for me and b) help me along the way is going to make the difference."

Dana already knows her reaction come July 14: "I know myself well. I'm an emotional person. I will be one of the criers, probably sobbing. Definitely going to be very proud of that accomplishment."

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