Elizabeth Feist

Elizabeth Feist is brand new to Central New York, and hasn't even lived here for a Boilermaker Road Race.

She moved to Clinton from Milwaukee in March, just in time to apply for Go The Distance. Elizabeth said, "It was difficult for me. I knew it was really important for me to get out and meet people and also be healthy and get into shape."

She seems happy to be getting involved. She said, "I don't know Utica at all. It's such an interesting community and unlike any place I've ever been before. It just seems like the town is so proud of the Boilermaker."

Despite her interest in Utica, she's not interested in the challenging run. She said, "The hills are difficult. I was hoping for a nice nine-mile run where the roads are flat. Little did I know the first four miles of this thing would be uphill."

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