Katie Maneen

Katie Maneen is the third runner of the Go The Distance 2013 class.

Having had an amputation when she was an infant, she's probably had the best excuse for not running, but used that as her inspiration to become a star athlete.

She said, " I was born missing my fibula, amputated at 11 months old on my right leg. Having that challenge, I really felt this was the right time to overcome it and finish the Boilermaker."

Long distance running is new for her, but she's a star when it comes to short distances. She was named an alternate for Team USA's Paralympic Track & Field team.

Maneen said, "It felt like a good time. Finishing school, finishing the Boilermaker. I finished my career with the Paralympics. It was the perfect time to start something and finish something."

In fact, she has a special running prostehic let, designed to make running easier. She said, "It's a Freedoms Innovations Catapult designed kind of like a spring. It absorbs the energy and releases the energy. A concept that I can't get wearing my regular walking leg."

Her leg helps, but she says there's still work to do. She said, "My biggest challenge is going to be regulating my pace and keeping my leg healthy. The first GTD run we did was the longest distance I've ever run in my entire life."

Katie said GTD has been great to her. She said, "I was overwhelmed that first night. So many people came and a lot of them are gtd alum. Their encouraging words are unreal. I couldn't imagine running with a better group of people."

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