Marlene Thompson

The only running Marlene Thompson did before Go The Distance was chasing after her five grandchildren. She hasn't run athletically since her U.S. Army days nearly 30 years ago.

Marlene said, "This year, I'm turning 50. I don't want to be a spectator. I wanted to try and do it."

She knows she will be successful Boilermaker Sunday and she attributes that to her Army days. She said,"Being an Army person, I have a can-do attitude. But as a civilian, I need a team atmosphere to help me along and to encourage me.

She gets that team from her fellow Go The Distance runners. She said, "They encourage you all the way. I love the shepherds, the water stops. Past teammates encourage you and give you thumbs up. They push you right along."

Along with her teammates, music has given Marlene the energy. She said, "Thanks to a friend of mine who loaded my iPod with fabulous music, I was able to motivate myself and run and  feel good and do the best I knew I could today. The song that motivated her most: I'm Every Woman.

Marlene is looking forward to Boilermaker Sunday. She said, "I hope to have a good run. Enjoy the view, enjoy the crowds. Finish in a halfway decent time. Feel the love from all the spectators and what the community has to offer as you're running."

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