Michael Emmerich

Michael Emmerich is the second featured runner of the Go The Distance 2013 Class.

Michael was born and raised in New York Mills but has been able to avoid the nation's best 15K until now. He said, "I've always wanted to run the Boilermaker since high school. It's been about 30 years and I've always come up with an excuse. This is the year I finally do it."

"I'm at the same age my father was at when he suffered his first heart attack. That really gave me the inspiration. I really wanted to run this race and do it this year in his memory. That will inspire me enough to go the whole distance."

Michael appreciates the infrastructure and support the Go The Distance Team offers, and said, "Joe is doing a wonderful job. He's always there to inspire you and give you comments to help you out. The other day on our run he tugged on my coat and said, 'Hey, slow down. A little too fast of a pace going down hill. He's been really terrific so far."

In addition to the support of GTD, Michael's greatest support comes for the girls in his life: his wife Lori and teen daughters Stephanie, Rebecca and Jessica. Michael said, "They are my inspiration. My girls are my world. When I told them I was running, they said 'Dad, we'll be there at the Finish Line to watch you.'"

Michael's wife and daughters will be there, along with 40,000 of his closest friends. "Boilermaker just means community. It's an awesome event. So many people come out to support you. I can only just begin to imagine what it feels like to run that course. Have thousands of people cheering for you and then to look up and cross that finish line."

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