Robin Kennedy

Robin Kennedy is exceeding her own expectations, as she was hesitant to join the Go The Distance team after he daughter applied on her behalf as a 25th anniversary gift.

She works in the New Hartford Central School District administration offices.

Robin said, "We are not runners, we are not exercisers. But we decided to take it on. My husband couldn't participate because he has an injured ankle. I agreed to do it if he would participate with me. He's coming to all the runs. He's doing bike patrol and I told my kids they had to help too."

Part of that included the daughter that submitted Robin's application.

Her daughter Alexandra said, "She's never been a runner. She's always been a cheerleader on the side, supporting my brother and I. It's good to see her running and getting healthy."

Alex said, "She said she always wanted to do it. My boyfriend and I ran last year and had a great time, so I thought what better way for their 25th anniversary to get them to do something challenging together."

It's a challenge that Robin is just weeks away from succeeding.

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