Romesh Amarasinghe

Romesh Amarasinghe is the first-ever international participant of Go The Distance.

He's worked hard all spring, but suffered a hamstring issue recently. He's still dedicated to going all the way.

Romesh's father was a member of the International Olympics Committee and was heavily involved with running, so Romesh will run in his dad's memory.

The road to 9.3 miles has not been simple for Romesh. He said, "It's a tough run. The hills are tough. The weather is tough. Somedays it feels good. Other days, the humidity absolutely kicks in and makes you feel very very weak."

The Amarasinghe's have turned this year's Boilermaker into a family event. He said, "Everyone in my family is running some form of the Boilermaker this year. My wife in the 5k, my kids in the Kids Boilermaker and me in the15k."

Romesh said, "I'm just going to enjoy it. Enjoy the experience, enjoy the crowd and everybody else around me."

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