Theresa Mancuso

Theresa Mancuso is determined to finish her first 15K Road Race, but the course has been challenging for her.

She said, "For people who think they can't do it, they really need to just get up and start."

Theresa has the can-do attitude to be successful, and she attributes that to some past battles. She said, "I'm a two-time cancer survivor. I had leukemia in 2001 and had a bone marrow transplant which was successful. But in 2011 I found out I had breast cancer and had to go through a mastectomy."

Go The Distance is more than just running to her. She said, "I realized the link between obesity and cancer and it really is an epidemic in our country. I decided to make a lifestyle change. So this is a personal journey for me. Believe it or not this is harder than fighting cancer."

Theresa appreciates the help from her teammates. She said, "I love the group. There is nothing else like the group. The support is just amazing. I've never met such an encouraging bunch of people. Even on days you feel like you can't do it, they're there. If you feel like you're hurting, they understand. They've all been through it. Everyone has their own struggles. It's just amazing to me."

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