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100 Running Tips

100 running tips from the people at the Complete Running Network. Read More »

Beginner Runner Tips

Many people sign up for races and marathons in the Summer, so Spring is the time to be training for them. If you're not used to running longer than three or four miles, here are some tips to help tackle longer distances. Read More »

Race Etiquette

Several tips of race etiquette for the starting line, during the race and at the finish line. Read More »

Drinking Water

Water is the most important nutrient aiding weight loss and keeping it off. Read More »


When you run, you get out of breath. It's normal, it's natural. Your body needs oxygen. When you exercise, whether running, walking or doing any other physical activity, your muscles need more oxygen. Read More »

Running Form

Experts say not to worry too much about form. One of the great runners of all time, Emil Zatopek, looked much worse running that you ever will. He thrashed his arms and bobbed his head, and won four Olympic gold medals, looking more like Jerry Lewis than Carl Lewis. Read More »

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