Week 1

April 21, 2014

Check with your physician before you begin this program.

The GoThe Distance Program is a program design to help first time runners complete and finish the Utica Boilermaker Road Race. This training routine is a guide to help you for the next 12 weeks to prepare for the race. You can adjust this program depending on your schedule. Some people have work schedules that make running during the day impossible. Decide what is best for you and enjoy it the most.

For the first week set yourself up with a running schedule. Find a place that you like to run and run there. Try to maintain your training schedule regularly, even during hot weather, vacations, job conditions, etc. Most importantly do not increase mileage too quickly. Do not do anything unorthodox, speed workouts, etc. Train within yourself. This will help you stay injury free.  

Join a running group. You'll be held accountable for your exercise regimen by a group of fellow runners. A team atmosphere has been shown to push runners to a new level of performance .You will be meeting new friends who have the same interest. 

Each workout session should include light stretching before and after the run. 

We’ll be doing 3 workouts this week. Here’s the schedule for this week.

  • Monday (April 21) Day 1- First Go The Distance Run - We will begin with a 1.8 mile run starting at MVCC turning right onto the Parkway, then right onto James Street, right on Sherman Drive, and back to MVCC.
  • Tuesday Day 2- Rest Day
  • Wednesday Day 3- a 2.0 mile run on a flat course. Do some light stretching after the run.
  • Thursday Day 4- Rest Day
  • Friday Day 5- Rest Day
  • Saturday Day 6- A 1.8 mile run on a flat course. Do some light stretching after the run.
  • Sunday Day 7- Rest Day


Remember to always run facing traffic. Be careful when running through intersections and be cautious of drivers.

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