Week 2


April 28, 2014

Since you are a beginning runner, set goals. Make sure your running goals for that day are attainable. You will get more satisfaction from your running. Now is the time to start a regular routine of drinking plenty of water.

The proper running outfit is just as important as the proper running shoes. The clothing does not need too be expensive, but it does need to fit properly, and that means it should be loose and not too confining.

The weather on race day could be hot and humid. If it is sunny, you might also want to wear a hat or visor to keep the sun off you face. Light colors, which reflect the heat, are better than dark colors, which do not.

We will be doing 3 workouts this week. Here’s your schedule for this week.

  • Monday (April 28) Day 1- 2 ½ mile run. Begin at the start line of the Boilermaker Road Race (Culver Ave) to the MVCC track, and back to starting line.
  • Tuesday Day 2- Rest Day
  • Wednesday Day 3- 2.3 mile run.
  • Thursday Day 4- Rest day
  • Friday Day 5- Rest Day
  • Saturday Day 6- 2 ½ mile run on a semi hilly course.
  • Sunday Day 7- Rest Day

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