Week 5


May 19, 2014

As you are aware now, the Go The Distance Program training does it’s training on the Boilermaker course. Familiarize yourself with the course. When you train on your own, be sure it's on some of the course. This will help you discover your strengths and weakness on the course. 

The Boilermaker course is deceptively difficult. There are a few hills to contend with. When you are running up hill lean forward, and pump your arms. When you are running down hill, lean back, relax those arms, open and close your hands, and use that hill for an energy source. Run within your own form; do not copy somebody else’s form.

Here’s your schedule for this week.

  • Monday (May 19) Day 1 - 4.7 miles today. Start at the Boilermaker Finish Line, left onto York Street, right onto Burrstone Road, right onto Champlin Ave, right onto Whitesboro Street, and back to finish line.
  • Tuesday Day 2 – Rest Day
  • Wednesday Day 3 – 4 ½ mile run.
  • Thursday Day 4 – Rest Day.
  • Friday Day 5 – Rest Day
  • Saturday Day 6 – 4 ½ mile run your choice.
  • Sunday Day 7 – Rest day.


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