Week 6


May 26, 2014

How to adjust if you having a bad day. Running varies from day to day. No two days are the same. If you are having a bad day, forget about speed or distance, and just complete your run. Forget about that day and go onto the next day.

We will be adding 1 more workout to your schedule for this week.

Here’s your schedule for this week. However due to Memorial Day on Monday Thursday is optional.

  • Monday (May 26) Day 1- Rest Day. Memorial Day.
  • Tuesday (May 27) Day 2- 5 miles today. Begin at the start line (Culver Avenue) Follow Boilermaker course to tennis courts.
  • Wednesday Day 3 - A 4 ½ mile run of your choice, including with some hill work.
  • Thursday Day 4 – 3.0 miles (Optional)
  • Friday Day 5 – Rest Day.
  • Saturday Day 6 - 5 miles semi flat course.
  • Sunday Day 7- Rest Day

Keep in mind there is no law that say’s you cannot take a short walk or two during your workouts. Regroup yourself and get back on track. This program is designed for you to finish the Boilermaker in two hours or less. This extra workout will give you endurance and strength.


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