Week 9


June 16, 2014

Training Pace - For example if you are an eight minute pace, concentrate on that pace for the Boilermaker.

Do not try to run 7-minute mile, this will lead to injury, or you may burn yourself out to early in the run.

The most important thing is to run the pace for the Boilermaker of what you have been training for, this will help you lead to an injury free race. 

We’ll be doing 4 workouts this week.


  • Monday (June 16) Day 1 - 7 ½  mile run today. Begin at the Boilermaker Start Line (Culver Ave) follow the Boilermaker course; pass Utica College, to Champlin Ave Plaza parking lot.
  • Tuesday Day 2- Rest Day
  • Wednesday Day 3 – A 6 1/2 mile run today, on a flat course.
  • Thursday Day 4 – 5 miles.
  • Friday Day 5 – Rest day.
  • Saturday Day 6 - A 7 mile loop. Again concentrate on pace. A nice even pace to remain injury free.
  • Sunday Day 7 - Rest Day

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