Week 10


June 23, 2014

Key factors two weeks before the Boilermaker. Do not overwork the muscles; make sure you rest your body in between workouts. Do not try to catch up on your missing miles. It's like catching up on your sleep, it just doesn't work.

We’ll be doing 4 workouts this week.


  • Monday (June 23) Day 1 - 8 mile run today. Begin at the Boilermaker Start Line (Culver Ave) follow Boilermaker course to Utica Converters parking lot, across from the factory on Whitesboro Street.
  • Tuesday Day 2 - Rest Day
  • Wednesday Day 3 - A 7 Mile run. Easy pace, run within yourself.
  • Thursday Day 4 – 6 mile run.
  • Friday Day 5 – Rest day.
  • Saturday Day 6 - A 6.5 Mile run, start at starting line of the race and run to the Murnane Field parking lot.
  • Sunday Day 7 - Rest Day

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