Week 12


July 7, 2014

What to do on race day - Arrive at the race about one hour early. Do not get caught up in the crowd at the start. The start is very congested; make sure you watch the runners in front of you. Keep with your running pace that you have been training for. Do not get discouraged on the first mile time; you have plenty of time to get adjusted to your pace. Finally, enjoy the Boilermaker, you deserve it, enjoy the people that are out there to cheer you on.

This is the time to rejoice. This week what I call a Cool Down Week. Remember to take in plenty of fluids, light stretching before and after the run.

We’ll be doing 2 workouts this week.


  • Monday (July 7 ) Day 1-3 miles today. Start at the Boilermaker Finish Line, left onto York Street, Right onto Noyes Street, left onto Graham Street, Right onto Champlin Ave, Right onto Whitesboro Street, and back to finish line.
  • Tuesday Day 2 – Rest Day
  • Wednesday Day 4 - A nice 3.2 mile jog. Plenty of fluids, light stretching before and after the run.
  • Thursday Day 5- Rest Day.
  • Friday Day 6- Rest Day
  • Saturday Day 6 – Rest day. Get to bed early.
  • Sunday Day 7 - July 13th, Boilermaker is here. Congratulations you are going to run the largest 15K Road Race in the country!


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