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Outdated iPod Classics resurface as Apple's new hottest item

(WKTV) - Once considered "old technology," Apple's iPod Classic is fetching big bucks. Read More »

Perks to using plastic over paper this holiday season

(WKTV) - Using your credit card this holiday shopping season is becoming more and more rewarding. Read More »

Cost-efficiency of traditional versus LED holiday lights

(WKTV) - As you shake the dust off those Christmas lights you may want to consider switching to LED lights. Read More »

Helpful hints for a painless Thanksgiving feast prep

(WKTV) - Here are some tips to take the pain out of your Thanksgiving preparation. Read More »

Tips to ease holiday travel stress

(WKTV) - The day before Thanksgiving is considered one of the busiest travel days of the year. And though the joy of the holiday is right around the corner, traveling can be very stressful. Read More »

Tips to keep off unwanted, holiday weight gain

(WKTV) - Thanksgiving is a time meant for togetherness and good food, but the holiday also creates opportunity to pack on the pounds. Read More »

Company offers free holiday music playlist

(WKTV) - One company is offering up a freebie this season to help us get into the holiday groove. Read More »

New York City to update payphone booths to high-speed Wi-Fi hubs

(WKTV) - You can still find a payphone in New York City if you look hard enough. But under a new proposal, those remaining booths will soon be replaced by hubs that accommodate updated... Read More »

Breakdown of carbonated, caffeinated beverages

(WKTV) - Wednesday is national Carbonated Drink with Caffeine Day! Read More »

Watch out for Ebola-themed email attacks and cyberscams

(WKTV) - Lawmakers are on Capitol Hill Tuesday deciding how to further battle the ebola crisis. But they could have a new case on their hands. Ebola is "spreading" via internet too. Read More »

Defying the Elements: Keep your skin healthy and hydrated

(WKTV) - Tips to help ward off dry, cracked skin during the winter months. Read More »

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Affordable Care Act Tool

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Find out more about how the Affordable Care Act affects you with this interactive tool that explains your Health Care options state-by-state. Read More »

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