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Do I Need a Will Or a Trust?

Next time you're thinking about whether you want a will or a trust, ask instead what each can do for you, and how it will work in the event of your disability or death. Read More »

You Can Trust Your Children, Right?

Elderly parents trust their children and rely on their judgment and do as the children suggest. In some cases, it is discovered that the power of attorney used their authority to benefit themself. Read More »

How To Leave Assets To Loved Ones

You can protect your loved ones when you die to ensure when they inherit what you have worked your lifetime for, it stays with them without being at risk of being lost to their divorce, lawsuits, nursing homes, the government, or other creditors. Read More »

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too

Most older couples want to remain in complete control and have 100 percent protection of their assets. They wanted to have their cake and eat it too. Lucky for them, there was a solution. Read More »

Beware of Biff and Bambi

Each one of us knows a story of someone close to us, or a family friend, who lost their spouse while they were in their early retirement years. We’ve also heard the story of when new found love creeps in and changes perspective of the surviving spouse. Read More »

The Difference Between Asset Protection and Tax Planning

Over the last decade, a lot of confusion has occurred with individuals in understanding the difference between asset protection and tax planning. Many people who come into our office want to avoid taxes. Many others want to protect their assets from the government, lawsuits, nursing homes and family predators. The difference though, is rarely understood. Read More »

Are You "All Set?"

I hosted another workshop recently and I began as I always do, asking the audience, “what do you want to know?” By the time we finished the workshop, the biggest realization of the participants was that they are not “all set.” Read More »

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