New reality show based in Sharon Springs

By WKTV News

The New Reality Show:

A new reality show is putting Upstate New York on the map. The show follows a gay couple from New York City attempting to start up a new organic goat farm in Sharon Springs in Schoharie County.

The show is called The Fabulous Beekman Boys.  It is scheduled to premiere on Discovery's Planet Green (local TW Cable channels 125 and 830) on June 16th, 9pm.

The show stars Josh Kilmer-Purcell, who is a drag queen turned ad exec and New York Times bestselling author.  Brent Ridge is a doctor turned Martha Stewart vice president.  The docu-series chronicles their unique relationship and their desire to create a business.  To make it happen they purchased an old, historic mansion and farm in Sharon Springs. "I think when we first bought the place everyone thought we were nuts, but of course everybody wants to come up here," said Ridge.

New Life in Sharon Springs:

New development in Sharon Springs over the past 10 years has been changing the make up of the tiny village. A decade ago, many of the old buildings there were boarded up.  Some of them were falling down.  Fast forward to present day and there is new life.  When you walk up and down Main Street, new shops have popped up.  Places like the American Hotel and Black Cat Café have helped to bring back tourists. Margie Neary is a business owner and Village Board Trustee, "The pace is different for people, and the beauty. What's around us. I mean if took a ride down the road a mile, I mean you could see for 90 miles," she said.

The New Show's Impact:

This new attention on Sharon Springs is getting mixed reviews.  Some village residents worry the spotlight could take away from its tiny, small town charm. "Most of the people are going to stand back," said Neary.  "They're going to wait and see what happens."  Neary admits the idea of new interest in this village, with a population of about 600, is encouraging on a financial level.  "From an economic stand point and Village Board member the more people who come here and open businesses, the better off we are," she said.

Garden Party Festival:

On Saturday, May 22nd, Sharon Springs is holding a huge celebration.  Local crafts will be on display and festival goers will be able to purchase local foods.  The Fabulous Beekman Boys will also be in attendance.  Josh and Brent will officially open their new store called the Beekman 1802 Shop on Main Street. Then at 5pm, you are invited to watch the premiere of their new reality show.  There is a special screening taking place at Sharon Springs Central School.

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