Healthy & Homegrown: Books to get Started

By WKTV News

Amy Dickinson from Barnes and Noble in New Hartford gives us some great reads for amping up your whole foods recipes.

Healthy Eating Titles

The 150 Healthiest Foods by Jonny Bowden Ph.D. – Unique Nutrition
Reference Guide
• Debunks old-school food myths
• Provides you with food facts so that you can make
Healthy Choices
• Touts Whole Foods with minimal processing
• Top 10 food lists from many experts

Magic Foods by Robert Barnett, Christine Pelkman, and Denise Webb
• Written for lay people who just want to know what to eat.
• Deals with controlling blood sugar
• Doesn’t deal with strict eating regimens or crazy rules.
• Points out 57 foods that will help you lose weight, Increase Energy, and Slash Diabetes Risk.
• More than 100 recipes, and meal plans

101 Foods that Could Save Your Life by David Grotto , RD, LDN
• Describes unique health benefits of certain foods
• Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Power Foods
• Food Origins, therapeutic benefits, and tips for use and preparation
• Talks about adding delicious foods to your diet rather than the “what not to eat” approach.
• Non-preachy approach

Chef MD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine by John La Puma M.D.
• Discover how and what to eat for 40 different health conditions from ADD to rheumatoid arthritis.
• Conquer Fatigue, boost your immune system
• Healthful Brand Name foods in boxes, bags, and cans for convenience
• 50 recipes

SuperFoods Rx by Steven Pratt M.D. and Kathy Matthews
• Based on 14 Superfoods that are highlighted in the book
• Includes recipes from The Golden Door Spa
• Teaches how to incorporate Superfoods into your Daily Life.

Restaurant Confidential by Michael Jacobsen and Jayne Hurley
• Clear Nutrition facts concerning restaurant food
• Hundreds of the most commonly ordered dishes
• Strategies for ordering wisely and tips to make dining out healthier.

Eat Well from Williams- Sonoma
• Healthy ways to enjoy the foods that you love
• Satisfying new ways to eat right
• Varied recipes to suit different palates and seasons
The Farm to Table Cookbook by Ivy Manning
• Teaches the art of eating locally
• Recipes for cooking fresh seasonal produce
• Identifies unusual vegetables, and tells how to use them
• Shopping and cooking from Farmer’s Markets

Feeding the Whole Family, Cooking with Whole Foods by Cynthia Lair
• Ideas for cooking one meal that the whole family can eat and enjoy
• Quick, Simple and easily adaptable recipes
• Fresh ,Whole food ingredients are featured

real food for healthy kidsby Tracey Seamon and Tanya Wenman Steel
• Tips to handle even the pickiest eater
• Fun and healthy Lunch Box Choices
• Quick Pinch meals for starving toddlers
• Great breakfasts to provide Brain power all day in school

Sneaky Chef to the Rescue by Missy Chase Lapine
• Cooking for kids with food allergies
• Sneaking vegetables into other foods so kids will eat them

Grow It, Cook It by DK Publishers
• Simple Gardening projects and delicious recipes take you from plot to plate
• Takes children through the whole process of planting, nurturing, harvesting, and cooking
• Explains in simple terms pollination and photosynthesis
• Recipes for Giant beanstalk stir-fry, Carrot muffins and many more

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