Motherhood Inspires Carnie Wilson to Release First Solo Album

By Susanna Daniel

LOS ANGELES — One year after the birth of her daughter, Lola Sofia, singer/songwriter/actress Carnie Wilson is releasing her first ever solo album, “A Mother's Gift: Lullabies From The Heart.”

The album is being released through Big3 Records on May 2nd in celebration of Mothers Day. A Mother's Gift is a collection of traditional and new songs, all inspired by Carnie's recent journey into motherhood.

The 12-track CD features such classics such as "Over the Rainbow," "What A Wonderful World," and "You Are So Beautiful," a moving duet with her father Brian Wilson.

Additionally, there is a cover of the song "Heaven" by her late uncle Carl Wilson. Some of the new tracks include "When You Dream," written by Carnie and her husband Rob Bonfiglio, and "Without the Sun," written by her sister Wendy.

Carnie also recorded a new arrangement of the Elvis Presley classic "Love Me Tender" interpreted as a lullaby.

"After having a baby, I was moved to tears by lullabies (especially the Kenny Loggins "Return to Pooh Corner"). There is something so magical about your baby falling asleep and being soothed by the gentleness of songs. I knew I had to go into the studio and record," says Carnie.

"I am so fortunate to have my dad singing a duet with me on my CD. 'You Are So Beautiful' is the centerpiece of the album, in my opinion. I adore singing with him!"

Carnie Wilson, daughter of legendary Beach Boys co-founder, Brian Wilson, has had a varied career as a singer, songwriter, actress, author, and TV talk show host. As a member of Wilson Phillips, she achieved unparalleled first album success selling ten million albums with three number one hit singles including the song "Hold On."

The group's second album achieved international multi-platinum success selling three million albums. In 1999 after ballooning to 300 pounds, Carnie had laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery live on the Internet at the Spotlight Health site. Over 2.5 million hits occurred during the cybercast.

Carnie's story has been chronicled in two books, Gut Feelings and I’m Still Hungry. Carnie continues to be a spokesperson for medial groups and surgeons that are dedicated to treating those who suffer from morbid obesity.

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