Fans cheer at the Baseball Hall of Fame's Red Carpet Arrivals


COOPERSTOWN - Saturday night, the soon to be Hall of Famers got a chance to walk through the hallowed hall with their families and other players already inducted. Just hours from then, their plauqes would be hanging on that very wall.
The private black tie party, was the latest event for fans on induction weekend.

About 1000 baseball fans braved the weather, and lined Main Dtreet outside the Baseball Hall of Fame, as the red carpet was rolled out for baseball's elite players.

The Red Carpet Gala started six years ago, and as the Mighty Casey who has been a part of all of them says the event keeps growing and growing. The event wasn't officially a Hall of Fame event. Fans just began showing up, and it eventually became a Hall of Fame event.

Also fans were not disappointed. Great players, such as Baltimore Orioles star shortstop, Cal Ripken Jr. signed autographs for nearly 30 minutes, while other past players such as Willie Mays, gave his fans a waive in which will be remembered.

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