UPD: 14-year old brings BB gun to basketball game at Donovan

By WKTV News

UTICA (WKTV)-A basketball game at Donovan Middle School Tuesday night was cut short when a 14-year old allegedly brought a BB gun to the game.

Utica Police officials say the 14-year old, who's name is not being released due to his age, accidentally dropped the gun.

It happened during the 5 p.m. basketball game between Donovan and Notre Dame on Tuesday night.

An off-duty police officer happen to witness the teen drop the gun and ran after the teen. The teen proceeded to exit the building.

Both the off-duty officer and an on-duty, uniformed officer then ran after the boy. Police say, once outside, the boy pointed the gun at one of the officers. Officials say the officer was able to convinced the boy to drop the gun. It was then learned the gun was a BB gun.

The teen will likely face a number of charges. Those charges have not been released yet. More details, including charges, will likely be released at some point on Wednesday.

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