Anthony Picente


Oneida Nation Land Into Trust Comments: Oneida County Executive, Anthony Picente

Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr. issued this
statement regarding the Department of the Interior's decision on the
land-in-trust application of the Oneida Indian Nation:

"The Department of the Interior is acting against the clearly stated
interests of the people of the local communities who are impacted most
severely by the Oneida Indian Nation's operations. As such and because of our obligation to the people that County Government represents, this federal action must be opposed legally.

"At this point, we are reviewing the decision and its many details. I
cannot comment on the specific actions and filings that will take place
in the coming weeks, but let me make one thing very clear - that we will
oppose this decision of the Department of the Interior through every
possible legal and administrative means available to us... and that
Oneida County will work with its state and federal partners to address
this situation.

"The Oneida Indian Nation has said that it is willing to discuss new
ideas and reach a settlement that helps the future of this region. The
time to do that is now, to repair the inequities of this decision.

"All of us have an obligation to do everything possible to prevent
implementation of a bad decision...a decision that does not resolve
critical taxation and governance issues that must be addressed. New York State plays a pivotal role in this process and must join us at the

"I stand ready to negotiate with the Oneidas and to continue the
dialogue I have tried to initiate since assuming the office of County
Executive; in the alternative, I stand ready to fight this decision to
the fullest extent of law."

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