David Townsend Jr.


Townsend Responds to Tuesday's special session in Albany

By WKTV News

ALBANY - Assemblyman David Townsend of Sylvan Beach released this statement regarding Tuesday's special Legislative Session in Albany.

Townsend Statement:

“What we got today from the Assembly Majority and its cadre of special
interests was a massive tax increase packaged as a property-tax plan,”
said Assemblyman David Townsend (R,C,I,WF-Sylvan Beach). “This
half-hearted circuit breaker – offered despite the superior
enhanced-circuit-breaker bill introduced by the Assembly Republican
Conference – does nothing to address the crushing tax burden faced by
New York State’s families and homeowners. Where is the relief from
unfunded mandates? Where is a cap on the rate of local property tax
growth? Where does it end?

It is a shame that the taxpayer got soaked twice today: once by the
continued resistance of the Assembly Majority to seriously tackle
comprehensive property tax solutions, and secondly by wasting more of
their money in order to have its representatives travel back to Albany
for an incomplete measure instead of meaningful reform. I wanted to
vote for a fix; instead, my colleagues and I got a fig leaf.”

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