Reaction from Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos

Earlier Sunday, Senator Espada and I agreed that the Senate would remain in session this week and beyond to address the key issues facing our state, and to resolve the impasse that has resulted from the Senate Democrats ongoing refusal to show up for session.

The Governor has suggested that Chief Judge Lippman preside over session – something that the State Constitution does not provide for and that would raise troublesome separation of powers issues.

The Governor has also suggested mediators to help resolve the impasse. A mediator could, as Senator Espada has suggested, review the rules reforms that were enacted by a majority vote in order to assess whether they provide for bipartisan governing and equalized resources.

But by threatening to call a special session each day, the Governor is attempting to dictate a solution on a separate branch of government.

Without resolving the legitimacy of the leadership of the Senate, that won’t work.

New Yorkers would be better served -- and this entire impasse could be resolved instantly -- if the Governor would simply encourage just one brave Democrat to report for work tomorrow.

On Monday and throughout the week, we will again take up the critical bills needed by counties and other municipalities that expire at the end of June, and will address other key issues such as mayoral control of NYC schools.

Senator Espada and I will be meeting with Senator Sampson and Senator Smith to discuss proceeding with session Monday.

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