Health Care for American Now thanks House for bill passage

ALBANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Health Care for American Now campaign is the larges healthcare campaign in the nation and its director thanked New York State Democrats for their support of the healthcare reform bill.

Mary Clark, HCAN Coordinator, Citizen Action of New York said, "The House of Representatives took a great step for the people of New York in passing the House's Affordable Health Care for America Act. Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of the Democratic members of the New York delegation voted for real health care reform.

"Their votes prove they are on the side of the American people and not the big insurance companies and special interests that have been working overtime to try and kill meaningful health care reform. Because of the House's action, we can look forward to having more affordable health coverage with good, comprehensive benefits, and true choice and competition in the health insurance marketplace once the Senate acts."

"At the same time, we are extremely disappointed that New York Democratic Representatives Scott Murphy, Michael McMahon, and Eric Massa voted with the Republican minority against a bill that would lower costs for families and businesses, end insurance company abuses, and bring real choice and competition into the health insurance marketplace."

"This historic legislation reflects a broad consensus of the various parties interested in fixing America's broken health care system. Representatives Murphy, McMahon and Massa will have another chance to support reform when they vote on the conference report and we hope they will reconsider their positions and vote with us."

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