Statement by Senator Griffo on Governor Paterson

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - State Senator Joseph Griffo (R-Rome) issued a statement Friday in response to Governor Paterson's decision to end his big for an election to a full term.

Griffo said, “Governor Paterson’s decision to suspend his campaign should be a catalyst for change in the coming weeks. I strongly hold out hope that freed from the scrutiny of running for re-election, he will bring a new focus and intensity to concentrate on the serious challenges confronting New York, which will require everyone working together, making difficult decisions and choices. I’m hopeful that he would also address the reform proposals that I’ve advocated and that he has indicated support for - such as term limits - which can have effective long term change. The people of New York State need in these next few weeks, for us to produce a timely and responsible Budget. My mission in Albany is to work to ensure we are all focused on the people’s business, not the business of politics and to work for reforms that will create a new climate of fiscal responsibility in Albany and improve the New York State economy.”

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