Rick Lazio's response to the passage of the Health Care Bill

NEW YORK (WKTV) - Rick Lazio issued the following statement Sunday night in response to the passage of the health care bill:

Rick Lazio said, "Congressional Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for turning their backs on us and voting for this health care boondoggle. This bill will create an unfunded $1 billion Medicaid mandate which, together with billions in additional taxes on New Yorkers, will cripple our economy."

He said, "This bill is simply wrong for New York. I am outraged that not one New York Democratic Leader and almost none of the Democratic members of the Congressional delegation came forward to stand up for the people of this State. The people will not forget and I will work every day to remind them."

Lazio continued, "Andrew Cuomo's continued silence on this issue speaks volumes and is an act of policy cowardice. He will do anything and say nothing to escape having to defend New York when it's in his political interest to do so. Tonight, I call on him to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other Attorneys General of this country and immediately challenge the constitutionality of this legislation."

"The people have had enough of a bloated government that overtaxes, overspends and overreaches. The willingness of Democrats in Washington and Albany to ignore the people and continue down the path of the failed policies of the past demonstrates their arrogance. The people will hold them accountable in November," concluded Lazio.

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