Watch Video of a Toddler Water Skiing (Added on 8/4/06)

By Jerry Walsh

This video you have to see. A 22-month old in Minnesota is making a splash on one of the state's 10-thousand lakes. The toddler can be seen water skiing around the lake.

Cole Marsolek looks like a pro when he is up on the skies. His parents started him with a tube but he had that mastered by the end of May. Now he is onto the skies.

Below is several slides of him on the water. Also, click on the video icon above to watch the full story. 



SKIER1 There are not a lot of toddlers who can say they caught onto water skiing before they mastered the potty.
SKIER41 That’s the case with little Cole Marsolek of Menomonee, Minnesota.
SKIER2 At only 22-months the little guy skies like an old pro.
SKIER6 He started with tubing, then moved to disc skiing with dad.
SKIER3 Cole learned to ski the first day he tried. Now his parents says it’s a nightly ritual to go out on the lake.

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