Tanker Overturned

By Nate Crossett

A tanker, carrying 24 hundred gallons of heating oil and gasoline, tipped over in the Herkimer County Town of Columbia, near Jordanville Road. It happened around 9:20 a.m. A car was attempting to make a left hand turn onto Hugick Road when it was clipped by the tanker. The tanker then went off the road. It landed upside down in a roadside ditch. The driver of the truck was sent to Bassett Heathcare, in Cooperstown, with a cut on his arm. The passenger in the truck, and the driver of the car, were not injured.

Cedarville Firefighters say when they arrived on the scene, they were amazed everyone walked away with only minor injuries.

Earlier in the day, another truck was brought onto the scene to start pumping out the oil and gas from the truck. Once that is completed, the truck can be towed away. Luckily, the tanker leaked only a small amount of gasoline onto the ground. The Department of Environmental Conservation will oversee the cleanup. The tanker has been towed away, and Route 28, which was closed for a while, is open to all traffic.

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