Assessment Debate in Town of Marshall: Fair or Foul? (6pm Update)

By Nate Crossett

According to the chair of the Board of Assessors the Board of Assessment Review lowered the assessed property value of eight properties without the owner's giving proper justification. A couple of the key properties; the home of town supervisor John Reile, Codes Officer Morris Sturdevant and the owner of MKJ Farm, Jack Buschmann.

In fact, Buschmann brought virtually no evidence to the table showing why his property assessment was too high and still the board lowered it $105,600.

The chair of the Board of Assessment Review, Dan Ford told NEWSChannel 2 it uses common sense and all eight properties were assessed way too high.

Others, including Town Assessor Stewart Olmstead told NEWSChannel 2 BAR is playing favorites.

The Town of Marshall's monthly board meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, August 8th. The assessment concerns are expected to be discussed. The public is welcome to attend.

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