Report Identifies ‘Happiest Jobs’

By Natalie Wise

Working is a necessary part of daily life for most Americans. But did you know there are some jobs for which employees report a higher satisfaction rate? In other words, according to employee ratings of their own jobs, these are the “happiest jobs” in America.

CareerBliss sifted through 57,000 employee reviews in 450 job titles. Eight job happiness factors were analyzed: work-life balance, compensation, relationships with coworkers, work environment, job resources, growth opportunities, company culture and daily tasks.

The top job in America is a research or teaching assistant, with a total score of 4.13 out of 5 on the scale. Interestingly, this job is the lowest-paying of the top 20 jobs, with an average salary of $33,600.

The second happiest job is a QA analyst, with a score of 4.06, followed closely by real estate agent, at 4.03. No. 4 is a loan officer (3.95), followed by the tied scores of Sales Representative and Controller, both at 3.93.

HR manager is No. 7 on the list (3.92), followed closely by: software developer/engineer, intern and team leader, all of which scored 3.91 to round out the top 10.

Of the three highest-paying jobs, only one was in the top 10: the third-highest paying job is software developer/engineer at No. 8 with an average salary of $75,800. The second-highest paying job on the list is IT Consultant, No. 19, with an average salary of $77,500. The highest-paying job is network engineer, No. 17, with an average salary of $85,500.

The rest of the top 20, and their happiness scores, are as follows:

11.) construction manager, 3.89
12.) facilities manager, 3.89
13.) marketing consultant, 3.86
14.) montractor, 3.85
15.) designer, 3.85
16.) finance manager, 3.85
17.) network engineer, 3.85
18.) property manager, 3.86
19.) IT consultant, 3.83
20.) general manager (retail), 3.83

It’s plain to see that compensation, while a factor in happiness, is not the only motivating factor for employees who are happy in their careers. But if you found a place to live near sunny San Jose, Calif., where CareerBliss determined is the happiest city to work in, you might have it made.

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