Report Names America’s Least Bible-Minded Cities

By Natalie Wise

A location’s religion (or lack thereof) can be a major motivation factor in determining where to find a new home. One organization determined to find out which city’s residents are more or less amenable to the Bible than others.

The Barna Group examined how recently respondents read the Bible and how strongly they agree with the accuracy of the Bible.

Which cities in the United States are the most averse to the Bible? If the 10 least Bible-minded cities in the latest research from the American Bible Society are any indication, it appears that many New England cities top the list. Here are the 10 least Biblically-minded cities in America:

1.) Providence, R.I./New Bedford, Mass.
2.) Albany/Schenectady/Troy, N.Y.
3.) Boston
4.) San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose
5.) Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa
6.) Buffalo, N.Y.
7.) Hartford/New Haven, Conn.
8.) Phoenix/Prescott
9.) Burlington/Plattsburgh, Vt.
10.) Portland/Auburn, Maine

The least Bible-minded city in America, Providence, R.I., along with nearby New Bedford, was also top on the list last year. Only one in five residents of the no. 2 city, Albany, N.Y., reported they had read the Bible in the past week.

No. 3 on the list, Boston has the highest number of residents who profess they do not believe in God. Boston was No. 6 on the list last year, becoming even less Biblically minded this year. Three in 10 residents of San Francisco, the No. 4 city do not identify with the “Christian” label.

More than half of the adults in Burlington, Vt., no. 9, are considered unchurched. Burlington was previously the No. 3 city but has migrated towards being somewhat more Bible-minded.

Buffalo, N.Y., was previously no. 10, but has become less Biblically-minded at No. 6 this year.

Conversely, which city is the No. 1 most Bible-minded city? Chattanooga, Tenn., tops the list.

The study, based on self-reported data from adults, offers a useful picture of the cities in America where the Bible is and is not an active part of daily life.

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