A hero has returned home


(WKTV) - Nearly 70 years after he went missing in action overseas during WWII, Army Air Corps Sgt. Dominick Licari is finally home.

Sgt. Licari was on his A-20 Havoc Bomber when it crashed into a mountain in New Guinea during the war. His remains were never found until now, and were discovered after DNA samples provided matched his relatives.

His remains were flown via plane and arrived at Albany international airport around 5:15 pm. Licari's family and friends were waiting on the tarmac to welcome him home.

Mort Licari, Dominick Licari's brother said, " I wish I could articulate the feeling so that people could understand it. It's joy and sadness at the same time and how do you describe that. It's very confusing. We're happy to have closure now but at the same time, we're going through a period of mourning, really."

After the coffin was taken off the plane and placed into the hearse, a motorcar traveled down Main street, passing through little falls, Ilion and ending at the V.J. Iocovozzi Funeral home in Frankfort.

Adults, teenagers and children lined the streets with supportive posters and American flags.

Savannah Abeling, who is five years old said, "Were standing here for the parade for someone who passed away who is very important because of World War II."

Abeling was one of the younger supporters, but there were also former veterans and family members of vets who came out to pay their respects. Clint Whittmore said his uncle died in World War II and wanted to be there for this family, the way others were for his own family.

"I want to be here not that I know the family...not that I have any idea of what their name is but when I saw it in the paper I said this is important for us as Americans to be here to support this family."

Licari's burial will take place on Tuesday, August 6th. Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered flags at half staff in honor and in tribute to our states service members and those killed in the line of duty.

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